Tuscumbia is an Alabama city and the county seat of Colbert County. It lies in the northwestern corner of the state and is part of The Shoals region. As of 2010, approximately 8,500 people called Tuscumbia home. The town lies one mile southeast of the Tennessee River and is roughly eight miles in total land.

A Brief History

What is now known as Tuscumbia got its start when Michael Dickson and his family arrived in the area circa 1816. Dickson traded goods with Chief Tucumseh for the Tuscumbia Valley and decided to build the family home at the head of the spring located there. Once others followed, the had the roots of the growing Big Spring Community. They campaigned for incorporation of the area, which was granted in 1820 under the name of Ococoposa. Ococoposa was one of Alabama’s oldest known towns. The next year they changed the name to Big Spring, then to Tuscumbia in 1822 after the Chief Rainmaker of the Chickasaw tribe.

Tuscumbia enjoyed prosperity and growth throughout the 19th century after a federal highway was completed there, giving access to trading. In the 1850s, Tuscbumbia became a railway hub of the American south. It was also a target for Union troops during the Civil War. Another notable fact is that the famed Helen Keller was born and raised in Tuscumbia.

Charm of The Shoals

Tuscumbia today has been granted the nickname “the charm of The Shoals”due to its pleasant and historically-restored aesthetic. The Alabama Music Hall of Fame is located in Tuscumbia. Helen Keller’s home, called Ivy Green, has been maintained and is open for public viewing. Each year the town holds a the Helen Keller Festival, comprised of more than 100 events, including a parade.

Notable current and former residents of Tuscumbia include author Beverly Barton; Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Deion Belue; Senator and physician Larry Stutts; guitarist Mike Cooley; among others.

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